The Glastonbury festival short film festival  2016

Please use the form below to submit your film. It really helps us to keep things organised. More info at the bottom of this page.

“Our short film festival will reflect the laid back and quirky vibe of Glastonbury with a series of informal, non competitive screenings in the legendary Groovy Movie cinema tent. If you have made a short film that would be great to screen at Glastonbury Festival, please get in touch.

We are looking for Animation, Documentary, Comedy, Fiction, Experimental, Music video, Mash-ups, Remixes and everything in-between. 

(curator’s note: Due to the nature of the event we DO NOT WANT any dark psychological horror shorts. We have nothing against this as a genre, but it really doesn’t  work in a matinee, and we like to vary the mood and pace: your chance of getting your film screened may be improved by choosing one of your other masterpieces to submit!)

The festival will have 2 screenings daily: a matinee, suitable for all ages, and a late-night, anything-goes session (well, almost anything!). Successful submissions will be screened more than once during the festival.  

Films should be:

- no longer than 15 mins

- good-quality H264/mp4 1080p or 720p.

- available for the curators to stream (we'll need download links if your submission is successful) 

- your own work (or work you were involved in and have the right to show)

You can post films to our Vimeo or Facebook pages if you want them in the public domain, but please fill out the submission forms as well otherwise we can't submit your film to the curators.


The Glastonbury Festival Short Film Festival is completely independent and unfunded. By submitting your films you are giving permission for your work to be screened at Glastonbury Festival, and in the Groovy Movie Picture House at other arts events. We will not use or distribute your work in any other way. We will not be able to screen all films submitted, but if yours is selected we will let you know. We can not offer Glastonbury Festival Tickets, or prizes of any kind.”

Jerry Morgan

Groovy Movie Picture House

Home of the Glastonbury Festival Short Film Festival